Better health starts with better hygiene.

Preventive healthcare isn’t new, it started with the invention of the soap. Since its democratization, soap has saved billions of lives.


Today, we have the capacity to early detect more diseases and illnesses than ever before but global access to preventive healthcare is low, and when access is not an issue it’s inconsistent. Technologies exist but most are only available at point-of-care.


We believe preventive healthcare should be accessible to everyone and that every household should have the ability to track what matters to them.


That’s why we created PODDI.


By taking advantage of our daily bathroom visits, PODDI provides the most consistent opportunities for personal check-ups. PODDI is fun, smart, affordable and compatible with every standard toilet. And it will keep you clean!


PODDI is coming soon to your bathroom.

Contact us if you’d like to be part of our beta-testing program.