Better health starts with better hygiene.

The invention of the soap made that cristal clear. As one of the first preventive health measures implemented on a mass scale, it has saved billions of lives since it’s become accessible to large populations.

Today, we have the technical capacity to early detect more diseases and illnesses than ever before. For many reasons, general access to preventive healthcare is still low and even when access is not an issue, it’s inconsistent. Technologies exist but are mostly available at point-of-care and many lives could be saved if they were available in the home and tests were performed regularly.

At PODDI, we believe that preventive healthcare should be accessible to everyone. We want every household to have access to reliable and affordable health monitoring. But to provide a truly ubiquitous solution, we’d need a platform that every person of every age would naturally use every day.

That’s why we created PODDI, to take advantage of the most commonly used domestic fixture: the toilet. Perfectly fitted for quick and consistent check-ups, PODDI combines cleansing and health monitoring capabilities. It’s affordable and compatible with every standard toilet.

PODDI is the platform we’re hoping will positively impact global health.