Your body has so much to tell you.

     Are you listening? 

Just sit down.

Understanding and improving your day-to-day health is the key to healthy living.

Heart Health

PODDI performs an EKG every time you sit down. Trends in your heart rate and heart rate variability give you an overall picture of your cardiovascular health.


Whether you don’t have enough water in your system, or you have too much,  proper fluid management is an essential part of both staying healthy and monitoring certain illnesses.

Body composition

See your weight, BMI, body fat, and muscle mass every time you sit down. And use your PODDI App to track your goals and progress over time. 

Better Hygiene

Whether you're addressing a health issue or just looking to improve your daily hygiene, use the cleansing power of ionized water to take care of your most sensitive areas.

Who knows you better than your toilet seat?

Whether it’s monitoring GI issues, heart conditions, or improving your athletic performance, the PODDI App helps you set goals, track your progress, and alerts you when patterns change.

There’s no going back.

Warm water, heated seat, touch-free open and close, and the cleanest you’ve ever felt.

Your toilet. Smarter.

A sleek design that fits every standard toilet. No plumber required.

Coming soon.

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